TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Berikut chord gitar dan lirik lagu berjudul Its All Coming Back to Me Now yang dinyanyikan oleh Celine Dion.

Lagu Its All Coming Back to Me Now ini dirilis pada tahun 1996, silam.

Lagu ini masuk ke dalam album Celine Dion yang berjudul Falling into You.

Namun, musik video lagu ini dirilis pada 25 Agustus 2012 lalu di kanal YouTube milik Celine Dion.

Chord Lagu Its All Coming Back to Me Now – Celine Dion:



C                                                             F
There were nights when the wind was so cold
              Dm                Em
That my body froze in bed
If I just listened to it
Dm                         F       G
Right outside the window
                  C                                       F
There were days when the sun was so cruel
                   Dm                  Em
That all the tears turned to dust
And I just knew my eyes were
Dm                  F   C G
Drying up forever

Em           Am               F          G           C
I finished crying in the instant that you left
         Em                     Am                      F  G
And I can’t remember where or when or how
         Em                    Am                     F       G     F        G
And I banished every memory you and I had ever made

But when you touch me like this
And you hold me like that
         Am          Dm
I just have to admit
              F                G
That it’s all coming back to me
When I touch you like this
And I hold you like that
           Am          Dm
It’s so hard to believe but
     F                 G
It’s all coming back to me

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